Comprehensive General Dentistry in Universal City, TX

Dr. Tom Najjar and his team provide outstanding options in comprehensive general dentistry to maintain and restore your smile. Our high-quality care has made us one of the highest-rated dentists near you. Whether you’re looking for a new dentist because you’re new to the area or you want to upgrade the quality of care that you’ve been receiving, Universal Dental is a modern dental clinic fully committed to our patients’ in-office experience and excellent dental work.

Select from These Services for General Dentistry Near You

  • Dental Cleanings: When we say teeth cleaning, we’re talking about professional dental cleaning, not just brushing your teeth at home. Without professional cleaning, tartar and plaque could build up, discolor your teeth, affect your gums and bone, and lead to decay or tooth loss. When you think about the consequences of not taking care of your teeth, visiting the dentist twice a year (as recommended) doesn’t sound so bad after all.
  • Dental Sealants: Brushing and flossing are effective ways of keeping your teeth healthy, but they may not completely eliminate the risk of cavities. With dental sealants, you can add an extra layer of protection to you and your child’s oral health.
  • Dental Fillings: One of the most common oral health problems around the world is the dental cavity. If you are experiencing pain in one of your teeth and think you might need a dental filling in Universal City, TX, visit us at Universal Dental. We provide comprehensive treatment designed to protect your smile in the long run.
  • Custom Night Guards: Our dentist near you can detect changes in your teeth and mouth that would identify the presence of bruxism and also provide treatment options such as an easy-to-wear night guard. If left untreated, your teeth grinding will continue to damage your teeth and jaw, develop into continued headaches and earaches, and could even lead to temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ).
  • Oral Cancer Screening: Our dentist in Universal City, TX, use the latest state-of-the-art technology, including VELscope® lamps, to detect signs of oral cancer. The VELscope® lamp helps identify cancerous and precancerous cells and provides a reliable diagnosis. Our dentist will use different tools and feel your oral cavity for lumps, bumps, or unusual sores.
  • Root Canals: Patients with root canal infections often complain of dental pain. This isn’t a very specific symptom, as many dental conditions can lead to dental pain; however, we recommend that you visit our dentist when you first start experiencing dental discomfort. It might be something serious or minor. Either way, we can treat it quickly before it gets worse.
  • Teeth Extraction: Our first goal is to help you maintain your natural teeth for a lifetime. Still, there may be times when dental extraction is necessary, such as when a tooth is severely infected. Leaving an infected tooth in the mouth is harmful to other teeth and the rest of the body.

Why Choose Universal Dental?

Our doctor and team are friendly and want you to feel at home when you are with us. As such, we offer a stress-free environment that includes a relaxation massage chair for all NEW patients, moist towels with different fragrances, compression blankets, and other services for your comfort. We also accommodate patients with same-day appointments and emergency dentistry near you. We invite you to make an appointment for general dentistry in Universal City, TX, today.`1`1

Procedure Us Them
Implant Placement $1499 $2,140 to $2,684
Single Socket Bone Grafting $350 to $550 $640 to $930
Implant Abutment & Crow $1500 $1911 to $2140
Success Rate 99% 96%

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