Dental Bridges in Universal City, TX 

Do you want to replace one or more missing teeth to improve the appearance and functionality of your smile but don’t want to make the time commitment required for dental implants? If so, you’ll be happy to learn that Universal Dental can help restore the appearance of your smile in as little as two appointments with dental bridges near you in our comfortable, friendly, and convenient Universal City, TX dentist office.

Wondering Why the Procedure is Called a Dental Bridge?

You may be surprised to learn that the naming conventions used in modern medicine sometimes make more sense than they first appear. In the case of a dental bridge, the procedure is named because it describes the function of the treatment: it bridges the space between teeth that’s present from tooth loss.

And like other bridges that you might be familiar with, a dental bridge is designed and built for durability. Our dentist uses the latest technology, equipment, and materials to ensure that your dental work from Universal Dental is designed for long-term stability – often up to 15 or more years.

The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

Even if your missing tooth – or teeth – aren’t in an area of your mouth that can be seen by others, getting a replacement for them is important to your long-term oral health. Over time, your remaining teeth will shift from their secure locations to close the gap that exists. When this happens, food becomes trapped in areas that are not only uncomfortable but more difficult to control from gum disease.

To summarize, by not replacing a missing tooth today you face the chance of losing additional teeth in the future. Instead of worrying about that eventuality, why not make an appointment today to learn about dental bridges near you and other tooth replacement options from Universal Dental?

We Make Booking an Appointment Easy

To learn more about the restorative, cosmetic, and general dentistry that we provide in our comfortable Universal City, TX dentist office, we invite you to use our convenient online booking tool to schedule a consultation for your dental bridge in Universal City, TX.