Dental Fillings in Universal City, TX

One of the most common oral health problems around the world is the dental cavity. If you are experiencing pain in one of your teeth and think you might need a dental filling in Universal City, TX, visit us at Universal Dental. We provide comprehensive treatment designed to protect your smile in the long run.

What Are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are a small pieces of material designed to support and repair the structure of a damaged tooth. When plaque and bacteria are allowed to live inside the mouth, they eat through the protective enamel of the teeth and start to attack the soft tissues inside. When this happens, they create a cavity or a hole in the tooth.

A filling goes inside of this hole and seals off the tooth, preventing future bacteria from entering. Then the bite will be adjusted to mimic the original bite of the patient. The restoration will then be ready for usage almost immediately.

How to Receive Treatment

If you are searching for an expert in dental fillings near you, contact us today at Universal Dental. We are currently accepting new patients and can insert new fillings, repair old ones, or do a complete replacement.

A dentist conducts dental filling to help restore the tooth structure lost to decay or cavities. Our tooth filling Texas dentist offers this restorative dentistry solution to repair minimal tooth fracture, prevent additional tooth decay, and restore otherwise damaged tooth surface. After the filling, the tooth can regain its normal function and shape. Our Universal City dentist performs dental fillings using various materials, including porcelain, silver amalgam, composite resin, and glass ionomer filling material.

Why Consider Dental Fillings in Universal City, TX?

A dentist cleans the cavity before applying a filling. After that, the dentist fills the area with a filling material. This way, there is no further damage occurring to the tooth. Our tooth filling near you may place a crown to provide coverage for the tooth if the filling is large. A dental filling in Universal City, TX, reinforces the tooth and prevents it from turning into a site of continued, severe infection by combating the entry of bacteria and plaque into the cavity.

Our Universal dental care team may suggest a dental filling if you have:

  • Dark, black, or brown spots on the teeth’s surfaces
  • A constant, dull toothache
  • Food that keeps getting stuck in interdental spaces
  • Sharp pain occurs during a bite on a specific tooth
  • A hole or cavity is present in your tooth
  • Tooth sensitivity to cold and hot drinks
  • Bad breath that fails to dissipate after brushing

Seek a dentist near you if you notice these signs for tooth fillings. The earlier your tooth is treated, the better because you avoid costly treatments after that or even potential tooth loss. Let a dentist experienced in tooth filling near you at Universal Dental examine your teeth to determine what kind of filling to place.

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