Implant Supported and Snap-on Dentures in Universal City, TX

Patients seeking replacement teeth are considering hybrid or implant-supported dentures over traditional dentures. Our dentist in Universal City, TX, offers hybrid dentures, including implant-supported and snap-in dentures, to counter the challenges that come with conventional dentures. Reach out to a dentist near you to see if you can receive snap-in or implant-supported dentures.

When do You Need Dentures?

If you have lost several teeth or even the total row of teeth, seeking snap-on teeth near you can help replace the teeth. Since traditional dentures don’t perform as well as implants or snap-in dentures, we advise patients to seek the latter. Older people will most likely lose teeth due to aging, years of use, or periodontal disease and decay. The enamel of older people is thinner than usual and susceptible to cavities. If you have lost teeth to cavities and decay, getting implant dentures and snap-ons is a great idea. It helps older people chew food properly. Older people can eat the foods that promote their health without worrying about dentures coming out or restricting the food items to only soft foods. You don’t have to limit yourself to only denture-friendly foods.

Benefits of Hybrid Dentures

Hybrid and implant dentures offer numerous benefits:

Whether you wear dental implants, dentures, or hybrid implant dentures, you have to keep the new teeth clean. Hybrid dentures such as implant-supported or snap-in dentures are easy to maintain for busy individuals.

People on the go may find the traditional dentures more of a hassle. You can clean hybrid dentures the same way you do with natural teeth. You don’t need denture creams, adhesives, or denture-cleaning solutions.

Additionally, hybrid implant-supported dentures provide better stability for the new teeth.

They help stimulate the jaw, allowing it to continue growing. As a result, you prevent bone shrinkage when you get hybrid dentures.

These dentures can last a lifetime with proper care. Sometimes, patients have to get 3 to 4 dentures in 20 to 25 years, but implant dentures and snap-ons stay very long.

Is It Safe to Sleep with Dentures?

While you remove traditional dentures when going to sleep, implant dentures don’t have to be removed. It is not safe to sleep with dentures because it accelerates bone loss. If you wear traditional dentures, you are likely to have ill-fitting or loose dentures over time. Also, you may experience changes in facial appearance faster if you sleep with dentures. Implant dentures don’t subject you to these risks.

Universal Dental provides teeth replacement solutions using reliable and effective procedures like implant dentures and snap-ons. We want to improve your bite’s functionality, health, and appearance.

What Should I Ask When Getting Dentures?

You’ll typically want to ask your “denture clinic near me” how to care for your dentures, what to do if your dentures don’t fit or need maintenance, and general questions about the procedure.

How Long Will New Dentures Hurt?

It typically takes around 2 to 4 weeks for new dentures to settle; during this time, you will likely experience some pain or discomfort.

How Long Does It Take for Gums to Heal After Extractions for Dentures?

The average healing time after a tooth extraction before any dental application can be placed is 6 to 8 weeks. This can vary by individual, though; in some cases, the dentist may wait longer depending on the number of teeth extracted and overall health.

Are Dentures as Good as Teeth?

Unfortunately, dentures do not compare to real teeth. However, getting dentures when you have lost most of your teeth is a way to restore your smile and your ability to enjoy some of the foods you love.

At What Point Should You Get Dentures?

The majority of patients who get dentures are over the age of 40 and have suffered some degree of traumatic loss of teeth.

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