Implant Placement and Restoration in Universal City, TX

Dental implant placement and restoration in Universal City, TX, are things we’re more than capable of at Universal Dental. We see patients with missing teeth every day and help provide them with suitable alternatives. Living with missing teeth can make life difficult, so we encourage you to visit a dentist in Universal City, TX, for dental implant placement and restoration near you.

At Universal Dental in Universal City, TX, we’ve been working with implants, bridges, and dentures for a long time. We know which type is best for each patient and will make our recommendation based on our findings. Dental implants are the closest things we have to natural teeth and are preferred by many of our patients.

Why Do You Need to Replace a Missing Tooth?

You might hesitate to find a dentist near you if you lost one of the teeth located in the back of the mouth. Many people don’t bother replacing teeth that don’t show when they smile.

Unfortunately, your smile will become affected. Gaps will appear between teeth as they spread away from each other now that there’s extra space for them to move.

Patients with multiple missing teeth can find it hard to speak as the movement of the tongue against teeth plays a role in speech. Biting and chewing can also be troublesome. In the elderly, we worry about the risk of malnutrition.

Implant Placement and Restoration

Dental implants are made of a screw and an artificial tooth. The screw is placed into the jawbone and is used to anchor the artificial tooth. It will take several months for the screw to become firmly attached to the jawbone. During this time, we’ll place a temporary artificial tooth over it. After fixation, we’ll replace the temporary tooth with a permanent one.

We can also help patients who already have implants with restoration. If the artificial tooth becomes damaged while the screw is intact, we’ll simply replace it. Problems affecting the screw will be more complicated to treat. We have all the tools and experience to take care of your dental health and implants.