Implant-Supported Restorations in Universal City, TX 

Are you looking for a new and modern way to replace your missing teeth without having to rely on old-school solutions like partial or full dentures? Do you want to avoid potentially embarrassing moments when you’re out with family or friends, and your denture gets displaced while you’re eating? If you answered “yes,” then you’ll be happy to learn that the team at Universal Dental can provide you with advanced solutions for tooth replacement such as implant-supported restorations near you.

Advances in Smile Makeovers Near You

Thanks to the advanced technology that’s being used by our dentists near you, patients no longer have only one choice for tooth restoration when seeking treatment for their smile makeovers. Instead of  as the only choice, patients can now enjoy the benefits of implant-supported restorations to provide them with peace of mind that their new and improved smile will always look and perform naturally.

For example, rather than having your old-school denture or partial sit on soft gum tissue, which can be not only uncomfortable but insecure, today’s implants offer ways to alleviate pain and ensure confidence. A few options include a snap-on/snap-off tooth replacement where you’ll click the denture on two or more implants and then snap it off to clean or go to bed or a fixed bridge that permanently sits on implants. We’ll provide you with complete information on all options so you can make the best decision for your lifestyle and budget.

Personalized Care for Every Patient

We know that every patient has different goals when it comes to achieving oral health and confidence in their smiles. That’s why our dentists in Universal City, TX will take time to provide you with individualized treatment based on the careful diagnosis of your dental health and the short- and long-term plans you have for the beauty and performance of your smile. We can even design a treatment plan that is segmented over months or even years, so you’ll never feel rushed into deciding on the many procedures that we offer.

If you’re ready to get started with an implant-supported restoration near you, we invite you to make an appointment now using our convenient online booking tool to receive the expert care you deserve.

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