Root Canal Treatment in Universal City, TX

The root canal is an essential part of the tooth. It’s hidden under the gums and contains many important structures. The root canal or pulp is where the vessels and nerves supplying the tooth are present. Patients suffering from root canal infections need to look for root canals in Universal City, TX. At Universal Dental in Universal City, TX, we’re a dentist near you who is experienced in providing root canals.

Root canals are common procedures, and finding a dentist in Universal City, TX, who performs them shouldn’t be hard. The key, however, is to find someone who can perform root canals near you efficiently and effectively.

Root Canal Infection Symptoms

Patients with root canal infections often complain of dental pain. This isn’t a very specific symptom, as many dental conditions can lead to dental pain. At Universal Dental, we recommend that you see a dentist when you start experiencing dental discomfort. It might be something serious or minor. Either way, we can treat it quickly before it gets worse.

Sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks is another common symptom of root canal infections. It may persist for a few days or weeks before disappearing. Patients assume that there was nothing serious and that the sensitivity was due to a minor problem that was resolved on its own. The truth, however, is that it’s most likely that the nerve supplying the tooth is damaged and can’t transmit pain signals anymore.

Root Canals

Our main goal in root canals is to eliminate the infection. The pulp is found under the gums, so we need to incise them to get to it. Patients will be injected with local anesthesia before the actual work begins. This will numb your mouth and ensure you don’t feel discomfort. Slight pressure might be felt, but no pain or irritation.

After accessing the pulp, we’ll clean it by removing all infected tissues and irrigating it. When we’re done, we’ll seal the incision made in the gums. A crown will need to be placed over the tooth at a subsequent visit.

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