Teeth Extractions in Universal City, TX

Patients need to know that dental extraction is seldom our first option at Universal Dental in Universal City, TX. Natural teeth are hard to replicate. We have multiple replacement options like implants, bridges, and dentures. Nonetheless, extraction in Universal City, TX, is still not something we rush to recommend.

When you look for a dentist near you, you’re not usually eager to hear about extraction either. Patients worry about the complications and consequences of removing a tooth. Our goal is to explain the procedure to patients and why it’s considered the best option in their case.

Why Do We Extract Teeth?

Dental extraction is sometimes necessary for various reasons. At Universal Dental, we might recommend extraction if a tooth is severely infected that it’s no longer viable. Leaving a dead or infected tooth in the mouth is harmful to other teeth and the rest of the body. A dead or infected tooth can lead to infections affecting distant teeth and organs.

Wisdom teeth are regularly removed. Most patients who develop wisdom teeth experience complications. Wisdom teeth can lead to discomfort or impact nearby teeth. They can also lead to overcrowding if there’s not enough room for them to grow. Rest assured that wisdom teeth are nonessential. Unlike other teeth, removing wisdom teeth will have no impact on your ability to chew or eat.

Replacement Following Extraction

Patients worry about their replacement options following tooth extraction. However, wisdom teeth don’t need to be replaced. As we mentioned earlier, some people never grow wisdom teeth and don’t have any deficits.

There are several replacement options available. Dental implants are the most popular and the ones that resemble natural teeth the most. They rely on a titanium screw placed into the jawbone and covered with an artificial tooth. Dental bridges are also popular. A bridge is a structure carrying the artificial tooth that’s attached to healthy teeth on both ends. Patients who want an option that they can manually remove and put back on can consider dentures.

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